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"Thanks for the energy you give us! The talks were all appropriate and interesting! I enjoyed every single talk.... and each speaker had something interesting and new for me! Big kudos to your team!!"

"Thanks Tom, Nick, and the entire Rockstar team for another fantastic member event today! What a great group of speakers and amazing call to action on the economic update! So fired up for another great year with this group."

"The event on Saturday exceeded my expectations and left me wanting more! Thank you! "

Rock Star Economic Update: Trump, Tariffs, and Trade Wars – Is A Financial Storm On The Horizon? with Tom Karadza

It’s no secret anymore.  

Trade wars among some of the worlds largest economies have begun.  

And when two giants go to battle the impact from the tremors is felt far and wide.  

Like the steady devaluation of currencies, and the theft of our purchasing power by government inflation policies, it’s happening right before us but the effects are felt slowly.   

Sometimes, so slowly you don’t even realize what’s happening.   

But it’s very real.  

If you put 100 people in the room 10 years ago, all with good incomes, half with assets and half without, which group has benefitted from the policies in place? And which has fallen behind?

This isn’t an accident, it's by design.  

The destruction of the middles class is ongoing right in front of us, every single day.  

What does this new stage of global financial affairs mean?  

How do we not only protect ourselves but take the steps needed to level up when the middle vanishes, rather than be pushed down?

Do you have a business Rock Star Inner Circle members should know about?

This is a rare opportunity to network with 600+ investors and promote your business at the Your Life. Your Terms. Event.

There are limited sponsorship opportunities available, so if you think your business would be a good fit, reach out to Jenny by emailing Jenny@RockStarBrokerage.com or calling 1 (905) 338 6964 ext. 213 for more information.

Melissa Verspeeten
Oakville, ON

Ronald West,
Mississauga, ON

Fadi Dawood,
Toronto, ON

Mojgan Sharifi,
Richmond Hill, ON

The Place Where Canadian Real Estate Investing THEORY Turns Into Real Life RESULTS

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Saturday, October 13, 2018


8:30 am

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Versailles Convention Centre

6721 Edwards Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5T 2V9

Coming February 2019

Session Details

The Perfect Week Formula: The Simple System To Stop Working So Hard While Feeling Like It’s Never Enough and Finally Regain Control of Your Life with Craig Ballantyne

We’re not convinced that the current trend of always doing more, faster is the best way to be truly productive.  

Often, it just gives you a feeling of accomplishment without really doing anything of substance.  

And it can quickly lead to a state of overwhelm, where you feel like you just can’t keep up.  

All for what?  

Why is it that some people have time for a career, side hustle, family, and themselves, while others can barely keep up with one of those things while upsetting the people involved in all the others?  

It’s structure.  

One of the most important things to know which was not taught in any formal education.  

Craig Ballantyne is a high-level coach for people all over the world helping them get out of their own chaotic state to achieve more while reducing the hours worked in a day.  

This will be a crash course in how to more productive while being less busy.

Raising Capital: Aligning, Negotiating and Structuring Deals With Your Money Partners
with Russell Westcott    


The one roadblock that unites all investors.  

Once your eyes are opened to all of the investment opportunities available, the funds you start with eventually get used up, and you choose to either rebuild the stockpile yourself or look elsewhere to raise capital.  

Like anything, there are proven tactics and techniques that can be a shortcut to getting the answer you want.  

Russell Westcott, who co-authored The Canadian Investor’s Guide To Raising Money and Getting Deals Done will outline the strategies he uses when raising capital himself, a 4 step deal structure process you can use, and the 5 steps to use in your negotiating.

Multiplying Your Cash Flow: How To Use Short Term Rentals Like Airbnb and VRBO to Crank Up Profit  

It’s obvious that the 'sharing economy' is here to stay.  

Instead of outlawing services like Uber and Air Bnb, more and more cities are accepting them while putting appropriate guidelines in place.  

This has opened up opportunities for a lot of people, real estate investors included.  

Many investors are renting out their properties for thousands more per month via short-term rentals, rather than on long-term leases.  

But with every upside comes a downside.  

We’ll hear from how some investors are increasing their profits while protecting themselves from the potential problems.  

This applies to condos, vacation properties, basement apartments, and everything in between.

Local Market Update: An On The Streets Look At What's Really Happening With Different Local Markets with Nick Karadza 

What’s the biggest problem with all the real estate headlines and reports thrown at us?   

They’re focused on the past.  

They can be very insightful but often, by the time the information makes it to us, the tide has already shifted and market conditions have completely changed.  

It’s why we focus on what’s happening right now, on the streets, around different Golden Horseshoe markets.  

Whether it’s condos, single-family homes, duplexes, student properties, or residential buildings, we’ll take a look at prices and incomes to see what investors are buying now, the returns they’re getting, and the strategies being used.

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Email: Jenny@RockStarBrokerage.com

Phone: (905) 338 6964 ext. 210   

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Saturday, October 13, 2018


8:30 am

(Registration & Networking Begin at 7:30 am)


Versailles Convention Centre

6721 Edwards Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5T 2V9

Golden Horseshoe Investing: How Foreign Money Looks At This Area, Why It’s Flooding In, and What Communities It Is Headed to Now with Peter Politis    

For years now, there has been a steady stream of money flowing into Toronto and surrounding communities.  

Whether it was buying a single-family home, multiple condominium units, commercial building, or investing in development projects, it was coming from different parts of the globe.  

Why here?  

Why now?  

What’s next?  

As someone who is at the forefront of this trend, working directly with these investors and developers, Peter will be shedding light on exactly those questions.

Email: Members@Rockstarbrokerage.com

Phone: (905) 338 6964 ext. 210

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February 8, 2020 | Mississauga, ON | 8:30am



Saturday, February 8, 2020



(Registration & Networking Begins At 7:15am)


Versailles Convention Centre

6721 Edwards Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5T 2V9

"We appreciate all of the hard work (not so fun) work that goes into the events you guys put on. Thank you for always being honest and real, kind and not to mention inspirational. Thank you for another amazing event! " 

"Such a great experience to go to the member event. Wealth of knowledge both on and off stage!"

"Thank you very much for hosting the Rock Star gathering yesterday morning. It was another high octane event with lots to take in and ruminate on. I enjoyed all the speakers today!"

" What an amazing event! It was my first time attending and all I have to say is WOW! I learned so much and everyone was very friendly and kind! "

Mel & Andrea Parker
Oakville, ON

Richard Tyler,
Mississauga, ON

Ryan Dennahower,
Toronto, ON

Jillian Henderson,
Mississauga, ON

Here's The Plan So Far...

Rock Star Economic Update:Crazy Times Ahead - Non-QE, Stress Tests, Rate Cuts & Big Challenges For Policy Makes Mean Even Bigger Opportunities for All of Us!
With Tom Karadza

2020 is destined to go down as the year of confusion.

Policy makers have gone from promising, even guaranteeing, higher interest rates to doing a complete u-turn and dropping them.

Justin Trudeau has ordered a review of the infamous Canadian mortgage "Stress Test". The little understood and very seldom discussed repo market in the U.S. has frozen and started the unofficial and unprecedented launch of QE4. Which, interestingly enough, is being stubbornly referred to as "non-QE" by the same central bankers who launch QE1, QE2, and QE3.

With the U.S. Presidential election looming, Canada's population booming, global debt climbing, and the Canadian real estate market marching forward this new decade is shaping up to be a wonderful mix of never before seen economic experiences and policy shifts.

Without some serious GDP growth, we're now all on a path to helicopter money and negative rates here in North America. What does all of this craziness mean?

Something we've learned over our own family's financial ups and downs has been that big challenges present big opportunities for those who are prepared.

These times should present wonderful ways to position ourselves to survive, prosper, and thrive! We called the whole "low rates for longer" trend back in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and beyond. We watched as the U.S., Canadian and Global debt ballooned and doubled in front of our eyes. We've been using hard assets ourselves and with Rock Star Investors to profit from these economic conditions for over 20 years.

And during this Rock Star Winter 2020 Economic update we're going to break it all down again... You won't want to miss this. You shouldn't. You can't.

Let's all prepare and position ourselves to prosper in 2020 and beyond!

Canadian Market Insights & Analysis: How To Prosper with Real Estate During The Good Times & The Bad 
With Pierre Paul Turgeon

Many new investors have never heard of a Canadian Real Estate market downturn, never mind actually living through one. Our own family barely survived the downturn of 1990 and we learned a LOT from experience. Some of our best lessons have come from experiences we went through during a market collapse it's taught us that there's value in being both "short term paranoid" and "long term optimistic" at the same time.

During this session we're going to get direct insight on how to survive a series change in market conditions that is going on right now.

Pierre-Paul Turgeon is an ex CMHC multi-unit underwriter who went out on his own to build a portfolio of apartment buildings in Alberta. He's going to share with us the latest update on the conditions out there and most importantly, what he's done to survive during a population decline, reduction in rents and drop in demand.

Savvy Investors can survive all markets and this is your chance to learn from one of the most thorough analyzers of real estate we've ever met. Pierre-Paul will also share his own unique strategy for analyzing buildings.

Recently he's been exploring Ontario (because we have amazing fundamentals that we've discussed for years!!) and he'll share what he's seeing out here in Ontario and how it compares to Alberta.

It's not often investors are so open with sharing their challenges, we're grateful that Pierre-Paul is so willing to contribute to the Rock Star community like this.

Rock Star Mindset & Side Hustles: The Simple Little Formula That Creates Multiple Streams of Income for a Lifetime
With Tom & Nick Karadza

Too many people self sabotage their success and it hurts us to watch.

Your personal success is right at your fingertips.

Your wildest dreams are possible. We know this with 100% certainty because we're living ours. We've gone from being trapped in the corporate world to feeling like the world is our playground.

And it all comes together when you master mindset and cash flow.

The right mindset leads to the right actions which produces the right results. There are simple and straightforward ideas around mindset that we weren't exposed to growing up. When we finally learned them they changed the direction of our lives forever.

We also believe that to live life on your own terms means having the ability to create multiple streams of income at a moments notice. The purpose of this session is to share with you the formulas we've used to create income efficiently and with more ease than ever.

And the best part? You can do this using your authentic self, your unique voice with zero "sales hype".

We have the ability right now to reach more people than ever before at any point in human history.

Most people in almost every marketplace use short term thinking and an incorrect mindset which make creating streams of income much more difficult than they need to be. We're going to cut right to the chase and share with you the exact thinking and the formula anyone can use to create ongoing, lifelong, multiple streams of income. 

You won't find this stuff anywhere else, we promise. This is years of testing, implementing and our personal efforts that we're condensing to make this discussion as valuable as humanly possible. We truly want all of us to live life on our own terms.

Having the right mindset and the ability to create streams of income is critical to that.

Where Does Local Real Estate Go From Here? After A Decade of Market Altering Growth Where Are The Opportunities in 2020 And Beyond? There Are More Than You May Think!
With Nick Karadza & Sasha Cucuz

We've just finished a decade where central banks flooded the market with more money.

This money rushed into assets and drive incredible returns for investors.

At the same time, Canada became a global destination high on the list of places immigrants are drawn to. With that we had some of the largest immigration numbers and population growth in history.

Leading to level of demand for real estate that couldn't be met.

Yes, prices jumped but the demand led to growth in far more communities than the typical city centres, and some new ones were even created.

But with all that action, what's next?

Does the end of the decade mark the end of the opportunity?

Or has it opened up options for investors which never existed before?

We'll be looking at what areas still have room to grow, how local governments are changing their plans for housing, the areas builders are investing in to start development, the property types they're seeing the most demand for, and more.

This will provide an information advantage any local real estate investor can use to create a roadmap going forward.

Building A Hundred Million Dollar Business But Being Unhappy and Wanting Out - How Doing Things On Your Terms Can Lead To More Opportunity Than You Ever Thought Possible
With John Stix

Can you imagine building revenue of $100M+ a year and not enjoying yourself?

As the co-founder of Fibernetics, Canada's fifth largest telecom company, John Stix knows how to build income streams. He also knows that done poorly, even nine figure income streams can bring more bad than good.

His epiphany happened on a flight home from vacation. John decided that it didn't matter the size of his financial success if it wasn't truly being done on his terms.

So he decided to make massive changes which would put what he built on the line.

But instead of sacrificing growth and success, doing things on his terms caused him and the people around him to excel.

His focus on finding innovative ways to allow himself and the people around him to be their true selves not only translated into passion, but to personal happiness. Happiness led to productivity, and productivity led to results.

John will share what caused him to risk incredible success to live life on his terms, and the blueprint he followed that can be used in any situation to make the same types of changes and get results.

Remove Your Limitations: Maximizing Your Performance To Be At Your Best And Accomplish Things You Once Thought Impossible
With Dr. Callum Cowan

Do you feel busy?

Pulled in a lot of directions?

Like you just don't have the energy to get things done like you used to?

Ass an investor, entrepreneur or someone doing more than just the 9-5 it's normal. But it takes a toll as well.

There was likely a time where you could be busy all day, party at night if you chose, and still get back to your to do list early the next day.

Unfortunately that type of energy doesn't last forever.

But is there a way to optimize your performance so you can be at your best?

At past events we've taken a look into the neuroscience of the brain and some simple habits which can have a huge impact on mental and physical energy.

This is the type of knowledge we seek out as we felt it is a competitive advantage, but we were very unsure if other people would feel the same.

Well time and again the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Dr.Callum Cowan will be joining us to outline small habits which can heighten your health and energy.

Dr.Cowan is an authority and practitioner of high performance medicine. He has worked with professional athletes internationally, and uses some of the most advanced modern medicine to help his patients maintain optimal health and perform phenomenally.

He's also worked with many Rock Star members who have gone out of their way to share the impact some of his strategies have had on them.

Many times people just accept how they are as a new reality because they've gotten to that point over time.

They forget what it feels to perform at their best and wake up ready to conquer their world.

What more would you do if your body performed at its best?

What if you could optimize your body to make your mind and body do more with less effort?

Finally, Real Estate Information by Canadians for Canadians Who Are Actually Taking Massive Action!

Check this out...

An old friend of ours recently shared this:

KNOWLEDGE is Capital


He explained that the more knowledge you acquire, the easier it is to create capital for yourself and your family.

And the more capital you have, the more streams of income you can create.

It makes sense...

Why else can one person look at a property in Durham and see a gold mine and another think it's overpriced?

Why can someone see the potential for a lot to be divided into two and another person only see government bylaw problems?

Why can one person see that dealing with tenants is the most valuable use of their time and another person just sees problems?

Why can one person create millions in equity in a few years and another person can't get started?

And we would extend this idea further...

Knowledge isn't just limited to information, facts, or skills.

Knowledge isn't just what you know.

Knowledge is also who you know.

Combining knowledge with a powerful network is life changing.

It's like creating a firework party for your life.

We're serious.

We've been able to figure out how to flip properties and how to create amazing student rental properties.

And we did that stuff mostly on our own.

But our biggest gains in real estate came from our network.

We met someone flipping properties that were worth $600K when we were doing them with $300K properties.

It changed what we thought possible in an instant.

Our very next flip was with a $600K home.

We quadrupled our "flip" profits in one move.

We also became friends with someone who explained how "rent-to-own" was done.

We had never understood the concept.

The very next month we owned our own rent-to-own and went on to help with thousands of them, and it gave birth to a multi-million-dollar company, Rock Star Real Estate.

Think about that.

One idea, mixed with the right people, gave birth to a multi-million-dollar company. Crazy, no?

Two members at Rock Star had never done joint ventures before and didn't really know about them.

They met Rock Star members at events and have gone on to do over 20 of them in a few years.

When you combine factual knowledge with the right people, your life can change direction IMMEDIATELY.

We know, it's happened to us.

And that's why we think the Your Life. Your Terms. Events are some of the most important things going on at Rock Star.

We're mixing knowledge with an extremely motivated and helpful group of people.

The sky is the limit.

The YLYT Events have an insanely high percentage of people who are ACTUALLY investing, actually DOING.

This is the group you want to get to know.

We're 100% serious about this.

We believe we can all help each other out.

And this is where it all begins!

Your Life! Your Terms! Event!

- Tom & Nick

The Event Has Ended. Stay Tuned For The Next One